site goes off the air after suffering DDoS attack

Cobra, the site administrator made a post on Twitter announcing that the site was being attacked. was attacked today and was off the air for a few hours.

The domain that was registered by Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, went offline for visitors this Saturday morning. The Bitcoin network did not suffer any attacks.

The site is known to be one of the biggest sources of information about Bitcoin. It is there that the most updated Bitcoin Core software can be downloaded. The attack has been mitigated and the address can already be accessed normally.

The site suffered a denial of service (DDoS) attack; the aim of the attackers, therefore, was to take the site off the air, so visitors would have to seek another source of information.

Generally this type of attack is done by competitors.

In this specific case, the biggest beneficiary of the site going off the air would be, site managed by Roger Ver, creator of Bitcoin Cash.

The first result by the term „Bitcoin“ in Google is, with it off the air, Google would naturally put another one in front, because the search engine always removes outdated content and off the air, the time usually varies from 2 hours to 48 hours, the longer the site is off the air, the longer it also takes to return to the first position.

This way, would be extremely happy, since Bitcoin is on the rise and people are looking for the active.

Unfortunately this would be bad, since does not promote the original Bitcoin, but a cheap copy of Bitcoin. Several people have already bought Bitcoin Cash cheated by the site. Imagine buying a Bitcoin thinking it is the original Bitcoin (which today is worth $ 24 thousand) and then discovering that you have bought a copy that is worth $ 300.

Cobra, the administrator of the site made a post on Twitter announcing that the site was being attacked. According to tuite, the attack was big and whoever is behind it is really determined to get it.

It is not possible to know who is behind the attack, so all the administrators can do is identify some pattern and mitigate.

Generally DDoS attacks use a BOTNET and distribute the attack around the world, the cost can vary depending on the intensity of the attack, type and duration, the price can be from $100 to $3,000 per hour.

In other words, whoever finances an attack against a site usually has some higher goal than „just knock down“. After all, no one will go out there burning money just to put a website offline.

The attack, therefore, can be orchestrated by someone (person or company) who wants to be on Google first.